Our Unique Style


We combine documentary, fashion, and fine art photography into a beautiful organic hybrid that is classic, fun, and innovative! We work very hard to allow you to be comfortable with who you truly are currently in your life. We believe in creating real authentic moments rather overly posed, forced smiles, and stiff photos for our clients. Look at our galleries below and you will see what we mean.

Congratulations! You made it! Now it’s time to make a statement and set yourself apart from the rest of the class! Our style of senior portraits not only captures who you are now, but they document the path you’re on to who you will become!

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Your family is the greatest accomplishment of a life fulfilled and lived on purpose with joy. That small bump growing inside your belly is so worth commemorating with a portrait. (yes, stretch marks and all and also fur babies deserve to be included). Time goes by so fast and before you know it, your kids are grown and raising kids of their own. This is when your portraits on your walls and in your albums become more than just family pics, but carefully curated documentation of your legacy and love! Look at our gallery to see what we mean!

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Headshots & Branding


First impressions are a big deal and having an image that represents who you are is critical especially in our highly social world! A great headshot should be simple, powerful, and establish trust with your future clients, or keep you booked and busy as a performer! Personal Branding sessions are taking the Headshot session a step further and showcasing your brand story. Personal branding sessions include a variety of locations, and images that showcase your personality/brand on a deeper level to help you connect with your ideal client. They are perfect for Bloggers, Small business owners, creatives, actors, models, etc…



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 If you are looking to create a portrait that delivers maximum impact, depicts your emotions in a vivid/distinctive and timeless way then this is the session for you. I don’t just work with you to think outside the box, I work with you to destroy the box!

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Artistic & Creative Portrait Gallery

How Do You Want to be Photographed?